goshiki five-color natto

goshiki five-color natto

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goshiki "five-color" natto

1. Dice tuna, squid and cucumber.

2. Cut the takuan into cubes about 8 mm (0.3in)

3. Divide the tuna, squid, cucumbr, takuan and natton into four individual serving bowls by arranging one-quarter of each ingredient in each bowl.

4. Place the garnish of green onions and wasabi in four small accompanying dishes.

5. When eating, add soy sauce directly to the serving bowls, and mix all the ingredients together.

Takuan is a traditional japanese pickle made of daikon. Some make it at home by drying daikon outside for one or two weeks, then picking it with rice bran, salt, sugar and dried red pepper.
A stone is placed on top of the container, and the daikon is allowed to pickle for about a month.


Serves 4
100g sashimi-quality tuna
100g sashimi quality squid
1 small picking or other unwaxed, unpeeled cocumber 50g
40g takuan, yellow pickled daikon
2 packs natto, each 40g
2 T finely chopped green onions
Wasabi to taste
1 T Kikkoman Soy Sauce

Note : For additional serving suggestions, goshiki natto can be enjoyed as an appetizer by wrapping tablespoon-sized servings in dried nori seaweed or in lettuce leaves; it may also be eaten simply atop cooked rice.


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goshiki five-color natto

goshiki five-color natto

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